I am a student in the fourth year of computer science and I recently produced a study paper on a company whose work I particularly admire: Corp Events.
I attended some events they organize and their professionalism forces respect. Discover on my site, inter operating , all the information on this subject!

A new technological world
With the rapidly transforming landscape of new technologies, it can be hard to keep up. Inter operating delivers the latest in tech innovation, covering four of the most impactful conferences of the past year.

Discover the data-driven techniques used to optimize MarTech, Big Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence from Toronto's Data Marketing conference. The Smarter Energies Summit in Paris explores forward-thinking strategies in relation to the future of smart energy. Toronto's Connected Plus Show covered Cognitive AI, Machine Learning, and what they mean for Big Data within the Connected Home and IoT Sector. Finally, Toronto's Big Data conference dealt with the rise of Deep Learning, AI, IoT, and Digital Transformation and the infinite opportunities offered by Big Data in an ever-changing landscape of innovation.

Data Marketing - Toronto, November 2017


Data Marketing is a two-day conference and exhibition dedicated to MarTech, Big Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence. Designed specifically for marketers active in data & analytics, this data-driven event featured innovative speakers sharing ground-breaking work. Throughout the conference, attendees learned to master cognitive intelligence, understand how to boost ROI with impactful marketing insights, and how to implement data-driven creative principles.

Featuring an expanded audience of over one thousand attendees in the fields of Marketing, Analytics and IT, more than seventy high-caliber speakers and decision makers from leading brands, and forty exhibitors with engaging experiential activities, the theme for its 5th edition was intelligence. For the first time, start-ups in the field of AI battled it out before industry leaders and attendees for a grand prize. The AI Startup Battle featured cutting-edge MarTech disruptors, and an AI Innovation Zone showcased the best and brightest in Artificial Intelligence.

Dedicated content marketing programming was offered throughout the schedule, as well as special skills workshops led by industry experts and one-on-one meetings with potential clients. Keynote speeches and panel discussions covered how AI and machine learning can improve the user experience with extreme personalization and accessible data visualizations, as well as the ethics of collecting and using sensitive data.

Smart Energies Summit - Paris, 2017


The Smart Energies Summit gathered forty top speakers, over four hundred attendees, and more than eighty partners and exhibitors to discuss forward-looking strategies dedicated to the future of energy. The two-day conference covered technological, environmental, economic, societal and business innovations related to smart energy. In its 2017 edition, the Smart Energies Summit focused on the liberalization & digitization of energy, as well as self-consumption, self-production, peer-to-peer & blockchain technologies.

The Summit opened with a session on smart grid and smart energy development, offering perspectives on technological, financial, economic and policy trends driving energy transformation paving the path to a cleaner, more diversified energy economy in Europe. Throughout the two-day event, speakers discussed the evolution of the utility/consumer relationship, along with new actors and disruptors of the industry.

For its second year, the Smart Energies Summit focused on innovation, R&D and the projects of major energy groups, communities, and industries. The conference also covered predictive maintenance and energy management systems, the future of storage and mobility, and the role of OEMs and industry leaders in accelerating the energy revolution. Attendees also learned of the hybridization of technologies towards optimal storage capacity and the path towards personalization in energy supply and consumption.

Connected Plus Show - Toronto, 2017


Connected Plus Show is a two-day conference and exhibition exploring the latest in the Internet of Things revolution. Bringing together over five hundred attendees, seventy speakers, and more than forty-five partners, Connected Plus Show provides the best platform for forward-looking companies to innovate and automate our future. For its 2017 edition, the show featured a number of keynote speeches and panel discussions from leading industry experts in the Connected Home and IoT Sector.

Inspiring conférences

The conference covered cognitive AI, machine learning, and what it means for big data, as well as the importance of early implementation of security features in IoT. Attendees learned of the need for a common language in IoT to achieve seamless connectivity and communication across devices, and were provided with step-by-step instructions for setting up a data-driven innovation ecosystem within their companies. Workshops delved into the transformation of business with IoT, principles of successful IoT strategy, and the enabling of autonomous applications.

Presentations covered the ways in which voice control impacts consumer activity, and the strategies smart cities have adopted to use IoT for innovation and progress. Finally, Connected Plus explored how IoT and Big Data will drive the future of healthcare, enable autonomous applications, and with the help of new tools, monitor and manage millions of devices.

Big Data - Toronto, 2018


Featuring over five thousand attendees, eighty speakers and seventy-five sponsors and exhibitors, Big Data Toronto is a conference and trade show dedicated to rise of Deep Learning, AI, IoT, and Digital Transformation in an ever-changing landscape of innovation. Offering the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to master the data universe for end users, tech providers, corporate executives, or data scientists, this show dives into the infinite opportunities offered by Big Data.

The conference featured exclusive content on the next wave of business intelligence for data-driven enterprises, and strategies for making data simple for the Cognitive Era. Its interview series with leading data heroes covered how Big Data is a driving cause for NGO's, the ways it's changing the rules of social and gender equity in tech, as well as the challenges of implementing privacy-friendly solutions as part of a data-driven strategy, particularly in Canada.

Keynote speeches and panel discussions covered how to use analytics to compete in a data-driven world, promote diversity and inclusion in your organization, and use Open Data to drive transparency, innovation, and society. Privacy and cybersecurity sessions addressed the latest regulations and best practices for keeping customer data safe as organizations adopt new technologies and the risk of cyber breaches increases. Attendees also learned of the fundamental building blocks for becoming an insight-driven organization, and the internal transformation needed to build a process and Big Data squad within their organizations.

Data are changing the business world


The four conferences discussed above bring together the top decision makers and industry experts in new technology. From Big Data to smart energy and the Internet of Things, these summits will keep you up-to-date with the latest innovations and best practices in the ever-changing tech sector. Managed by Corp Event, Data Marketing Toronto, the Smart Energies Summit, Connected Plus Show and Big Data Toronto come together each year to give you the best and brightest minds of new tech.